"Compelling...[Wetherall's] prose is graceful and inventive." - Brooklyn BasedReview 

"What do you do when you realize you’ve been living a lie? By age nine, Tyler Wetherall had lived in 15 houses in five different countries. That’s when she learned that her father was a fugitive and her family was on the run, taking on different identities and fleeing through Europe. No Way Home: A Memoir of Life on the Run is Wetherall’s story of growing up a fugitive’s daughter. In the process, she learns about his past and confronts her own." -  HelloGiggles,  Books Coming out this Week

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"'[A] searing and heart-wrenching coming-of-age memoir...Wetherall is a beautiful writer, but what makes this memoir so unique is her ability to seamlessly blend a propulsive tale of buried secrets and familial betrayal with a tender father-daughter story about the difficult road to, and power of, forgiveness." - LitHub20 Books you Should Read this April

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"Wetherall’s captivating No Way Home is a reminder that our actions affect not only our own paths but also the lives of everyone close to us." - BookPageReview of No Way Home

"A memoir in the vein of The Glass Castle, No Way Home is about the author’s unconventional childhood and growing up—unknowingly—on the run from the FBI." - PureWow12 Books to Read in April 2018

"In this searing memoir about love, loss, lies, and growing up on the run, Tyler Wetherall recounts her childhood experience being the daughter of a fugitive who spent years hiding himself and his family from the authorities. Fascinating and altogether moving, No Way Home is an unforgettable page-turner that proves the truth really is stranger than fiction." - BustleThe 11 New Memoirs Everyone Will Be Talking About This Spring 

"Revealing and emotionally nuanced, Wetherall's book probes the dark underside of family relationships to uncover the meaning of acceptance and forgiveness. A compassionate memoir of self-discovery." - Kirkus ReviewsReview of No Way Home 

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