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Sunny Balzano’s Widow is the One-Woman Force Keeping Sunny’s Alive 

Amongst Brooklyn’s famed bars, Sunny’s has achieved almost mythic status: a magical den of bluegrass and whisky, hidden down by the harbor in Red Hook, where long nights roll into pink-hued mornings looking over cobblestone streets, as the last of the musicians leave for the night, their instruments tucked under their arm and a skip in their step. The Brooklyn Magazine

The Music Man Saving Brooklyn's Soul

The piano-playing, whiskey-swilling Reverend Vince Anderson has the longest running show in Brooklyn, and calls his music "dirty gospel" in reference to its more human and "muddy roots." The Brooklyn Magazine

Female distillers prove women know their alcohol – and always have

A new generation of distillery trailblazers navigates a checkered history of sexism to stake a claim in the traditionally male-dominated industry. The Guardian

A Taste of Freedom

Walking down a dark Havana street alone, I felt very lost. I could see a family sitting under the dim glow of a single street lamp in the balmy evening air, while their two children played football in the road. Apart from them, the night was quiet. The Guardian

Can I Have a Word Please? Tyler Wetherall points out the good in ‘bad’ language. 

Purists are in despair over the latest abomination to plague our language. Technology, the prophets of doom declare, is destroying ‘good’ English. Quintessentially Magazine

City Exodus

Writer Tyler Wetherall asks whether the premium we pay to live in the world’s capitals has finally outgrown the benefits, and if so, what are the alternatives? 55 Pages

I Lost My Mind in a Sound Bath in the Joshua Tree

Tuning into California's Integratron: a spiritual space craft and mid-century masterpiece of geomagnetism, relaxation and time travel. Amuse / i-D

Can a Menu Map the Experience of a Cocktail?

A handful of bars are turning the concept of the written menu on its head, relying instead on illustrations to narrative prose to explain the experience of a cocktail. Tyler Wetherall on the new wave of alternative menus. PUNCH

San Francisco on the Hippy Trail

'There were men and women naked all over the beach, everyone was huffing and puffing on pot, children were running wild, there was drugs and sex everywhere," Gordon Johnson, a local resident, is telling me, gesticulating energetically at the seaside town in front of us. The Irish Independent

Do Not Disturb - Unravelling our Obsession with Social Media

I am offline, a daunting place of disconnection and solitude. For the purpose of this article and due to an unexpected mobile crisis, I have no smart phone. I can’t check emails on the loo. I can’t Instagram pictures of my lunch. I can’t share inane comments with a thousand virtual friends. And yet, I still think in status updates. 55 Pages

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